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We welcome you on a web-site of kennel of labrador-retrievers and cairn terriers  "Solazar"!


For this moment in our nursery live 3 dogs: 2 of labrador-retriever breed and 1 cairn terrier.Our labradors: black Zh.U.Zhemchuzhina and yellow Zh.U.Umka and our cairn Beki. In May, 2005 we had Zhemchuzhina, and a bit later, in July of same year we had Umka. Like the majority of people who is getting to take dogs, we did't plan to participate in exhibitions, to be engaged in cultivation, hunting, in general, so in all, what do all professional factory owners are engaged in.

лабрадор ретривер labrador retrievwr

   Everything has begun from one of exhibitions where we have written down first time our Zhemchuzhina and where in a class of puppies, under L.G.Chistjakovoj's refereeing, from 7 dogs we became the second. For us it was the real holiday and beginning from this moment everything has begun. We wanted to participate in a dog-show and victories certainly. It's like a  sport-passion, tightens extraordinary. Our dogs have grown up, and for next summer Umka became  the Young Champion of Russia, and Zhemchuzhina became the Champion of Russia. During the following 2006-2007 years Umka has closed a title of the Champion of Russia, and Zhemchuzhina became the Champion of National Club of Labrador-retriever breed.Also we wanted to see what do our dogs represent as workers-labradors, and in summer of 2007 we made a emphasised participation in train for hunting and tests. And we were surprised  with their skills and  abilities.Natural ingenuity and the shown instincts, and also tireless desire to work have amazed us. Here was showed their true temperament. On train for hunting we didn't recognized our labradors, they work tirelessly, are ready to get prey from the hard-to-reach spots, bogs, bushes, where a dirt alternately with a grass is  much above than knee-deep and the most important thing is how do  their EYES BURN... It's not possible to  transfer to you by words,  it's worth seeing!In the same 2006 I have gone on cynological courses, for expansion of my knowledges about dogs, their behaviour, physiological features, feeding, genetics, etc. In the beginning of 2007 was born the first dung of pale-yellow puppies from Umka and the Czech dog TURBO JET OD HIMALAJSKEHO CEDRU. Now childes have grown up, all of them became very beautiful dogs, worthy representatives of a labrador-retriever breed. In the end of 2007 we received a chocolate dung from Zhemchuzhina and Kudos Winner do Sol D'Arena (Portugal).Puppies from this dung were transfered to different cities of Russia, but judging by photos, look very powerful and beautiful. With the majority of owners of our "children" we support good relations, we help with advices of cultivation and education of puppies. Having two dogs, on the family council was accepted the decision to register nursery, to create own brand, own name.  Our nursery is still young, but as they say, professionals do not born, them become. In breeding work as main principle for us is a quality of received posterity. At our following "labrodor-childes" names will begin with the name of our nursery "Solazar" that in a translation from spanish language means to give pleasure, to calm, bring rest. Because the dialogue with a dog, especially with labrador, it is a sheer pleasure! All owners of dogs know it perfectly. When you come home, open a door, and on a meeting to you rushes dog joyfully wagging a tail, all hardship, all hassle and bad mood stay behind a threshold. And we will use all efforts to make future owners of our puppies happy, to make a choice in favour of dogs of cultivation of our nursery, and dogs brought to the owners only positive emotions, delivered pleasure and happiness! There is a such infectious illness - Labramania... As they say, what can be better than labrador? Only two labradors:)!

лабрадоры ретриверы питомника Солазар

Marina and Roman Sokov










winter 2009

Kennel news :

  • Beki's new photo

  • 13.06.2010 Beki first time in dog show! Best baby of breed.

  • 30.04.2010 - We have a new dog! Cairn terrier from Sweden kennel "HJOHOO'S" - Beki -  Hjohoo's Hjo're The Best Kind.

  • 19.03.2010г. new pages in English in our web-site: frontpage, Umka, Jemchujina, Beki, Puppies

  • 14.03.2010г. Happy Birdthday Jemchujina! New photo!

  • 20.12.2009 г. New puppies! Black color 4 boys and 3 girls.
  • 11.12.2009г. new tests: Jemchujina and Umka PRA-free!
  • 31.10-01.11 Jemchujina have international working certificate and new title Grand Champion of Russia!

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